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A beautiful soul

The other day while sitting at a local mechanic shop, I had the opportunity to witness a beautiful soul. There was an elderly lady waiting for her car as I was and I sat and observed her interaction with others In the waiting area. Her conversation was salted with compliments, encouragement and optimism.

With each news story that was on the TV in the waiting area, she would find the good in each. One customer commented on the high gas prices and her reply was “it is a privilege to drive and gas prices are double what ours are in some countries”. Her response to an Obamacare story was “we are blessed to have quality healthcare in this country” and “clean living has it’s rewards”. She encouraged a young mother with “you are such a gentle and carrying mother”.

She didn’t really notice I was taking all of this in or the influence her actions were having on me and undoubtedly others. When she left, she wished everyone a wonderful holiday season and I couldn’t help but feel she made everyone’s day a little brighter. I felt encouraged to seek out the good in every situation and be more thankful rather than critical. This holiday season, may we all count our blessings and realize that our actions, comments and conversations can have an impact on people’s lives without us even knowing it…. just like that beautiful soul had on mine.

Scott Champagne, PT

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