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Balance Lost?

We have all heard people say “My balance isn’t what is used to be when I was younger”. Although this is probably a true statement, losing the ability to balance isn’t necessarily a consequence of getting older. Studies reveal that in non active individuals, balance peaks in the mid 20s, slows into the 30s and sharply declines by the 6th decade. The balance system is comprised of three primary systems: vision, vestibular (inner ear) and proprioception (balance-where our limbs are in space). A 2002 study by Verschueren SMP, et al, revealed that focused practice balance activities, regardless of age, improved overall balance and stability. If you feel like your balance isn’t what it used to be, come see us at First Choice Physical Therapy where a customized stability program can get you on your way to better balance.

Scott Champagne, PT.

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