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Come to therapy…even if you are hurting

We have patients cancel regularly due to pain. “I hurt too bad to come in” is what they tell our receptionist. There seems to be a misunderstanding that if you come to therapy, we are going to make you do jumping jacks and run wind sprints despite feeling like you’re on death’s doorstep. Now, I understand if you are so sick that you can’t get out of bed, but if you have pain in the area we are already treating, there are pain-relieving modalities and less rigorous activities we can do to not only alleviate your pain, but still improve flexibility, strength and function while not worsening your present symptoms. Often times, we will administer pain-relieving modalities (electrical stimulation, soft tissue manipulation, etc.) first when a patient is in pain. Afterward, the patients are usually able to perform some, if not all, of their exercises and feel better after doing so. If you’re a patient, do yourself a favor and keep your appointment. You’ll feel better in the end.

Stephen Peaden, PT, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy

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