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It is time for another trip over to Haiti. October 19-24 both Wade Rinehart and Scott Champagne are headed to Haiti again. Those of you that have been in either the clinic on the beach or in Lynn Haven may have seen our posters about past trips to Haiti. Scott started fund raiser on gofundme.com to try to help the clinic in Haiti. It is very awesome that he and Wade are able and willing to go over there to help those with injuries and to share what they know with the therapists that live there. Read Scott’s post below and then please head over towww.gofundme.com/Physical-Therapy-in-Haiti.

By: Scott Champagne

On January 10, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Caribbean nation of Haiti leaving in its path ~ 250,000 dead, 300,000 injured and 1.5 million homeless. Reports coming out of Haiti in the days following the quake were of unbelievable loss and suffering as well as the need for medical personnel to assist those with crush injuries, fractures and amputations. In the weeks following the earthquake, I felt compelled to help in a tangible way those who were hurting, little did I know that it would become a calling.

My initial visit was to Fond Parisien where an orphanage was transformed into a primary surgery/rehabilitation site for the central portion of the country. Patients were flown in on military helicopters from Port Au Prince and the surrounding areas for surgery and physical therapy. My assignment was to a row of 10 tents labeled “unattended minors”. These were children who had lost parents, family members and limbs. It was my responsibility to get these children up and moving and to educate them on daily activities to improve their functional mobility.

Subsequent trips back to Haiti over the past 2 years has seen physical therapy become more structured as our “clinic” has progressed from a UN donated tent to a free standing structure in the coastal town of Jacmel. We have joined in a collaborative effort with Community Coalition for Haiti to provide clinical support and training for the physical therapist and support staff in Jacmel. Ongoing therapist training is essential to the growth and development of this mission as we continue to see injuries/pathologies as a direct or indirect result of the earthquake.

My calling is to continue this work. Please consider supporting this mission to facilitate the long term sustainability of physical therapy in Jacmel and the surrounding areas.

Scott Champagne, PT.

Want Some Help?

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