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Have you seen the new sign?

Very close to the first of May, First Choice Physical Therapy put up a new sign on our Hwy 390 border. It is a digital sign which allows us to display as many different images as we need to help get our message out to those of you we have never had a chance to meet. It is not only for ads though! For those of you that have to spend too much time trying to get thru the Jenks Avenue intersection, we have been running a “Laughter is the best medicine” campaign. If you find yourself stuck there watch for them, they come immediately after the Temp and Time slides. Here is one of our favorites…

Our sign was installed by Crow Sign Company 

(www.CrowSignCompany.com). Owner Steve Crow took great care of us and their work is top notch, high quality! If you do drive by you will see what we mean. Crow Signs designed and built everything that surrounds the digital sign.

Want Some Help?

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