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Is there a fall in your future?

We have all made the assumption that balance degenerates as we get older and fall risk is primarily due to age related changes. However, loss of balance and decreased gait stability are not necessarily inevitable throughout the aging process. There are key factors to look for which may contribute to a fall. Common factors include dizziness, apprehension, taking more that one medication (poly pharmacy), prolonged bed rest or inactivity and loss of strength in the legs and feet. Falls are not typically the result of a single factor but rather a combination of factors, that is why it is important to be proactive and control the variables that you can. If you feel like your balance is not what is used to be, come see us at First Choice Physical Therapy where our therapists can restore strength in your legs, improve coordination, balance and reduce the likelihood of a fall being in your future.

Scott Champagne, PT

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