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Is your smartphone or tablet a pain in the neck?

Let us take a moment to stop and look at your posture right now. Do you have your smartphone or tablet in your lap, head bent forward, and looking down? There is a good chance if your reading this article on your smartphone or tablet that you have found yourself in this position. Now take 10 seconds to look up and see how your neck feels. Go ahead, I’ll wait…………….Is your neck a little sore and tender from maintaining that position for too long? I have been spending more time than normal on my tablet enjoying a good book and have found myself guilty of maintaining that hunched over posture. If you are like me and are guilty of this as well, modify your posture to keep your head up and shoulders back. Also remember to take breaks frequently to stretch out your neck and shoulders. If these simple changes don’t make a difference in your neck pain, it may be time for you to give us a call!

Karen Mathers, PTA

Want Some Help?

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