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It was our pleasure

We get a lot of “Thank You” cards, emails and testimonials. We are very grateful that so many of you feel compelled to send those notes. The truth is that we are the thankful ones. As many of our patients realize, you have the right to choose were you get your physical therapy and a great many of you have chosen First Choice Physical Therapy. Surgeons and other Doctors may have a suggestion on where you could go for physical therapy, but the final decision belongs to the patient. Lots of them suggest us. If your doctor doesn’t think of us first, we hope you will let him know that you want to see us! When you do come and see us, you will likely be so pleased with the results that you may also find yourself with the urge to thanks us through email, cards or cookies.

We want to make sure you know that we are always thankful for you. It really is our pleasure to have been able to help you. Thank you for choosing us.

Want Some Help?

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