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Marathon Countdown: 16 weeks 5 days

Ten years ago, I ran my first marathon in my hometown, Berlin, Germany. This year, my wife and I are training to run the 40th Berlin Marathon in September.

A marathon is a grueling 42.1 km or 26.2 miles. With my first marathon, my goal was to finish the run. It did not matter to me if I completed it within a certain time frame, I just wanted to finish. I did finish, but I realize now, that setting miniature goals within my training will help better prepare me for the big day.

Setting goals is a good practice for life in general. Whether we are training for a race, saving money, or working with our physical therapists, we should be goal-setters. Setting realistic goals that I can achieve in one or two weeks boosts my morale and helps keep me on my training schedule. It helps nudge me over the hurdles on days when I do not feel like training or eating well. In the same way, when you are working with your therapist, setting goals will keep you motivated and on track to wellness!

Simon Haussmann, PTA

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