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Marathon Countdown: 3 weeks 5 days

The marathon is just around the corner and the last several weeks of training have been very difficult for me. In my last post, I explained that it was difficult for me to train in the heat and humidity. Furthermore, injury has been looming around the corner for some time. In the past, I have been treated (by my colleagues here at First Choice) for plantar fasciitis. I seemed to have made quite a bit of progress prior to starting my marathon training, but recently after runs, I have felt tightness in my feet. My plan is to continue to train and implement the stretches I have learned to treat plantar fasciitis. I am still planning to complete the Berlin marathon!

Have you ever experienced tightness, pain, or swelling in your feet? If so, let First Choice be your guide in establishing the correct diagnosis and treatment plan to get you back into your training. Call today for an evaluation.

Simon Haussmann, PTA

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