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Marathon Countdown: 6 weeks 6 days

What do you do when you’re this close to a marathon and feel like you have not trained as much as you should have?

1. Get realistic.

2. Do not give up.

I must admit that training for a marathon in the Florida summertime has been a lot harder than I expected. I had a great start into my training plan and worked up to about 35 miles per week. As you can see from my prior blog post, I admitted that I needed a breakthrough. I thought I had it, but as the summer heat and humidity progressed, I found it difficult to continue to train. Instead of using the training plan’s remaining recommended long weekend runs of 20, 22, and 24 miles, I am planning to use the next six weeks and six days to ramp up such that I can get one 18-20 mile training run in before the marathon. Also, since I’m not running to break any records, I might even consider not tapering my distance prior to the marathon to try to increase the chance of getting two longer runs in, build more endurance, and decrease the risk of injury. Regardless, I will continue to enjoy the experience of training for and completing a marathon!

Simon Haussmann, PTA

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