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No referral needed…

In our wonderful State of Florida, you can choose where you receive Physical Therapy services and do not need a referral from your physician? The Florida State Physical Therapy Practice Act allows patients to be seen by the Physical Therapist of their choice without the need of an order from any physician. There are some exceptions that are mandated by certain insurance carriers requiring a referral from a Primary Care Physician. This makes Physical Therapy easily accessible, efficient and affordable.

In a recent study, “Physical therapy for acute low back pain: associations with subsequent healthcare costs”, it was concluded that “Adherence to the recommendation for active care was associated with better clinical outcomes and decreased subsequent use of prescription medication, MRI, and injections. Improving adherence to this recommendation may present an opportunity to improve the cost effectiveness of care for acute low back pain.” There are many other studies that show the effectiveness of Physical Therapy interventions, but not all therapy clinics are created equal or employ the qualified individuals needed to get the quality outcomes. Bottom line…be a consumer of your own health care.

Dr. Wade Rinehart, PT, DPT

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