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Another happy patient and that makes us very happy. It may not always be possible to avoid surgery, but Gordon gave physical therapy a shot first and had great success!

Hi Dr. Wade,

This is just a brief note of thanks and of appreciation for what your team was able to do for me. You guys have a magic touch!

For a reminder of the state I was in when we first met, watch Toula’s Yia Yia in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. I “walked” just like that, frozen in a stoop – only I was in excruciating pain. I could barely make it across the room. I could not lie on my back or on my front and I could not sleep; I needed ice on my back all night. Two doctors had examined my MRI, and although they had quite different diagnoses, both were 100% sure they could fix my problem with surgery followed by PT. The first insisted on giving me a steroid epidural and it did nothing for me. The second wanted to try another; I never went back.

Instead I came to you for PT. And am I ever glad I did? You saw my sorry state and took me on as a special challenge.

It is now four months later. I have been erect for two months and pain free for one. I consider my recovery remarkable and owe it all to you and your team; the remarkable men and women at 1st Choice PT. They know their stuff and they are highly professional. But more than that, they genuinely care about their patients and sincerely want to help. They all made to feel welcome and they all played a part in my recuperation. It took time and hard work, but, I am happy to say, no knives.

Now that I can look everyone in the eye (literally), I want again to say “thank you all”.

Gordon Young

Want Some Help?

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