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Swimmer’s Shoulder

As the dog days of summer are upon us, many of you are finding relief and a way to beat the heat in the joys of swimming. Whether you are a novice swimmer that enjoys time in the water, or an elite swimmer that swims for a local swim team or training for your next Triathlon, you most likely have experienced some sort of shoulder pain. Research shows that 94% of elite swimmers experience some sort of shoulder pain or “Swimmer’s Shoulder.” I have recently teamed up with a local NCAA competitive swimmer to take a look into the world of swimming and the injuries that come along with the demands of the sport. Attached to this blog is a link to a research paper that goes into great detail the biomechanical dysfunctions that produce shoulder pain and how to prevent such injuries. If you or your loved ones are having any shoulder pain that may be related to “Swimmer’s Shoulder” come in and see one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy for a complete evaluation and plan of care to get you back into the water pain free.

Brannon Chester, DPT 
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jamie McDonald 
NCAA Swimmer, University of West Florida

Swimmer dysfunction research paper.

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