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The MOST Doctors of Physical Therapy

Is your Physical Therapist a Doctor of Physical Therapy? Ours are! In fact we hire the most Doctors of Physical Therapy in Bay County to staff our two clinics. The extra time, dedication, desire and drive it takes to reach this level translates into the best care you can get in our area.

If you have any type of surgery that will require follow-up physical therapy, ask your doctor to refer you to First Choice Physical Therapy. We would love the opportunity to show you and your doctor the great results that can be had from our clinics, led by our doctors!

Remember, that in Florida, you do not have to be sent to physical therapy by a physician. You can come to a Doctor of Physical Therapy first and sometimes ‘first’ turns into ‘only’. It is possible that by trying physical therapy first that you won’t need surgery at all. That sounds like a great thing, doesn’t it?

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