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To Haiti and back

I am so thankful Scott Champagne, Clinical Director at First Choice Physical Therapy on Panama City Beach, decided to travel to Haiti in the midst of a very chaotic time four years ago. Despite the risks, he put his faith & hope in God and trusted what was calling his name. Serving others and selfless actions. Scott shared his testimony with me during work at First Choice Physical Therapy in 2012. In 2013 I decided to come on the next trip with Scott. I was able to witness what a light he is to the Haitian community in Jacmel, Haiti.

Scott and Wade Rinehart have both played an integral role in educating the physical therapy community and advocating for the Restivak orphans. Because Scott and Wade have been a voice for the people in their own community, they have been able to change the lives of people like me and bring hope to those in Haiti.

I decided to make another trip this year in January 2014 after learning Haitian social services would be finally be intervening and rescuing 19 children and bringing them to All My Heart Haiti organization. Traveling alone, I knew God would take care of me. I am on my way back and reflecting on this trip.

Let me tell you how good God is! He escorted me through the airport and helped me with 200lbs of supplies that I had checked. He was just in disguise and using the name Will, who happens to be the Founder of the Hands and Feet project and 10 years of experience of travel in Haiti. Will let me use his phone and taught me how to dial a number in Haiti and take his number if I need anything as I head to the city. Wow. Thank you Lord I thought! It was just two weeks before my departure Scott wrote a blog and mentioned Will’s organization, “Hands and Feet”, as well as the organization I was traveling on behalf of. Because of Scott’s post I was able to say, “Wow, I have heard of what you are doing in Haiti, Will.”

It is funny how God works! Someone before I left jokingly asked if I had a 300 lb body guard traveling with me. No, I said. However I was very wrong. I did indeed have a body guard. He was much, much bigger and much wiser and powerful than anyone could imagine. Looks can be deceiving. Will was only about 160 pounds but his soul exceeded the scale limit. This story has a bigger picture. I asked for prayers before I left. Scott has played major role in the success of my trip. Will and Scott have a lot in common. If they both met today he would describe him as a beautiful soul.

“I believe God makes this world very small when he wants it to be “-C. Eglin

If you would like to help Scott continue his mission and this story touches you in anyway visit our page at www.GoFundMe.com/physical-therapy-in-haiti.

I just touched down in the U.S. Thank you for your prayers and mom and dad for the donations! Thank you Gulf Coast for the awesome learning tools! The kids loved them.

Thanks to all & Glory be to God!
Emily Schmitt, PTA

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