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To Run or Not To Run

According to Running USA and the NSGA there has been a 70% increase in the number of runners in the past decade with over 42 million active runners/joggers within the United States. So, odds are, if you are reading this blog you or someone you know very well is a runner. Now, the concern is not if you are a runner or not, but what do you do or where do you turn when you become hurt/or injured? How do you prevent an injury from occurring? It is estimated that over 65% of all runners will become injured at least once a year, so the chances of you injuring yourself while running in the next year is pretty high.

At First Choice Physical Therapy, assessment and treatment of running injuries at all levels of fitness, from the competitive cross country runner or triathlete, to the mother of 3 who just wants to check the box for completing a marathon from her bucket list, is a daily occurrence and a specialty. We pride ourselves on being the premier clinic for runners in Northwest Florida utilizing time tested techniques and strategies to get our runners back fast and keeping them injury free.

Our system is not about treating you with a couple of exercises and then throwing you back out on the road once your pain-free, only to return to the clinic due to re-injury within the next 6 months. It is about education, starting with a functional movement assessment, footwear education, self treatment techniques, and training techniques to keep you running injury free once our job is done. Our system also focuses on instruction in multiple running gait patterns depending upon your objective of either accelerating, decelerating, or maintaining speed. We believe running is not a one size fits all activity and must be tailored to each individual and their fitness level.

Over the next few months, we will be doing a series of blogs to provide you with professional guidance and a little insight as to how we treat and what you can do to keep yourself healthy and running for many years to come. The following are topics we will cover:

1) What is a RUNNING injury.
Does pain mean I have a running injury.
Is running your problem? No.

2) When can I run again?
How do you return to running
What is too much
How do I reduce my risk of injury

3) To strength train or not
Do I need to go to the gym
Are fitness classes ok

4) Are your shoes working for or against you
Are they fashion shoes or running shoes
When do I need a new pair of shoes

5) Minimalist shoes/barefoot running… For real, fad, or farce?

Stop complaining, be proactive, and schedule your running evaluation today!!

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Athletic TrainerBrett Frank, DPT
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