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Watch the temperature when exercising

50°, 30°, 70°, 20°? Who know what the weather will be like this coming weekend, but for those of us that like to stay active by being outside it is important.

Here are a few tips to keep you illness and injury free in this fluctuating weather. Dress in layers that can be removed after you begin to warm up and sweat. Dressing too warm may lead to you being chilled by the end of your workout with sweat. When the temperature plummets, protecting your hands, feet, and ears is key. These are the most vulnerable and need to be protected from the cold. Be aware of the weather conditions, so that you can dress accordingly. Take the extra few minutes to warm up properly and stretch to prevent injury.

I personally love to be outside in the cold and clear days. I believe they are the best days for a long hike or bike ride, but if the cold just isn’t your idea of fun, then take this as an opportunity to try something new. A spin, yoga, other group fitness class may be the best way to mix up your routine. Keep warm, drink plenty of water, and remember to stretch to prevent injury!

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