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What Have You Learned

We have been using the Lynn Haven Ledger, the Health Care Monthly, television and school/church/community support to help you know who we are for a very long time now.

We are health care providers that truly care for the well being of the body of our patients and neighbors that support the families, students and schools of our community. You may have seen us at one of our two clinics or at the free student athlete physical exam day we sponsor or our ad at the school hanging on the fence around your students athletic field.

Our newspaper ads this year have had a busy design and lots of information intended to educate the reader so they will make the best choice they can for their own health. We have developed a new ad style that will highlight what you already know about us and culminate in unveiling of a new web site in our December 4 ads in both the Lynn Haven Ledger and Health Care Monthly.

Want Some Help?

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