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What’s Up Doc?

There are many changes being made in national healthcare today, one of which is the Doctorate of Physical Therapy. It is an important part of the APTA’s (American Physical Therapy Association) continued advocacy for legislation granting patients and clients direct access to qualified physical therapists, rather than requiring physician referral. Direct access is said to decrease wait times for access to care and even help reduce both cost to consumer and overall healthcare costs. Direct Access to Doctors of Physical Therapy is also covered by many insurance carriers who realize the cost effectiveness of allowing patients to see the specialist they need without other unwanted office visits that might require a copay/coinsurance. Doctors of Physical Therapy provide that entry point into the healthcare system due to the ability to assess patients’ specific musculoskeletal needs immediately and without the need of a referral.

What you Need to know about the Doctors of Physical Therapy at First Choice Physical Therapy

● Our doctoral degrees are recognized by the American Medical Association

● Our doctors are specially trained in differential diagnosis, giving them knowledge and skills for appropriate referral to other specialists and imaging procedures

● Our doctors have specialized training in physical therapy spinal manipulation

● Our doctors use a team approach to treatment, providing patient’s with the collective knowledge of highly trained professionals

● Our doctors create a relaxed environment and approachability for patients. This is designed so that you feel free to express your concerns and problems in a low stress/non-intimidating atmosphere

● Our team consists of both male and female doctors

● Our doctors serve as clinical educators for several Doctor of Physical Therapy programs from universities across the southeastern US. So our doctors train doctors.

Bottom Line- Be a good consumer of your healthcare and research the person to whom you are entrusting your healthcare needs to. We want to be your first choice for all of your physical therapy needs.

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Dr. Wade Rinehart, PT, DPT

Want Some Help?

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